From time to time, when playing special techniques (eg two-handed taping or legate games with the left hand only) or in a studio where, due to unwanted accent from badly muted strings, we need to replay an otherwise well played part, the strings softened. In the studio it is often solved by a towel, t-shirt, sock that wraps around the neck behind the zero fret. Some time ago, a slight boom began with the use of a terry hair band that was more flexible than a wrapped towel and could be pulled behind a zero fret when needed. However, it has several serious disadvantages - it is not dimensionally adapted to the circumference of the neck, it is too thin, it is not possible to adjust the force of the pressure on the strings and with time it pulls out. This product eliminates all the above mentioned disadvantages - you can adjust the pressure by tightening the buckle and the width of the damping surface is more than 1 cm, which guarantees reliable damping of all 6 strings. In the world, a similar device sold under the name Fretwrapa you can see it in action especially with guitarist Guthrie Govana and many others. We offer a version for a six-string electric guitar that is of universal size and due to possible adjustment of the circumference by a buckle it should fit on most profiles of guitar necks. Suitable for guitars with normal zero fret (without locks), can also be used on bass. In case of doubt, please note the neck size (eg for multi-string guitars) in the order note. Each product is tested directly on the guitar.


Fretwrap – colour black metallic, colour zipper red

  • Brand: JANAMUSIC
  • Product Code: Dusítko strun - barva černá metalická, červený zip
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  • 200.00Kč

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